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  • North East's sports injury clinic and health centre

North East's sports injury clinic and health centre

Swissphysio is a highly professional Physiotherapy and Sport Injury Clinic and Health Centre based in the Newcastle area with a passion for excellence to ensure your total wellbeing.

What we do and how we can help

If you need our help because of a sport injury; like a sprained ankle, torn hamstring or Achilles tendonitis, our physiotherapists are here for you. If a long lasting back pain is draining your energy or you have suffered a whiplash injury, Swissphysio team is here for you.

At Swissphysio we are proud of the help we continue to provide to many women from the North East during pregnancy, easing and adjusting many of the pregnancy related problems and helping them to regain their condition post natal.

We love to work equally with young as with elderly people, professional athletes and dancers, fitness freaks or couch potatoes and anyone in between. We have extensive experience in rehabilitation after surgery and working with amputees and stroke patients.

Swissphysio certificates

At Swissphysio we celebrate health and wellbeing, helping you when in pain or injured. We offer you many ways to stay in good form, feel relaxed and balanced. This is a better and  more enjoyable way to prevent  re-strains and injuries  than waiting for injury to occur.

At Swissphysio we are committed to high level of customer care to provide effective treatments in a welcoming environment.

Our team believes in a person-centred approach to the treatments, where multidisciplinary approaches and techniques can be combined to give you the best possible long lasting results.

We are focused on helping you achieve and maintain optimum health.

At Swissphysio our physiotherapy treatments are focused on helping patients get back to their activities in the shortest possible time. More importantly, you will learn how to manage your own body in order to avoid future relapses.

Swissphysio is a member of the Organization of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice and is recognised by all major health insurance companies.

We have a holistic (multidisciplinary) approach to healing and combine different disciplines under one roof. Traditional medicine and complementary therapies are available to help you achieve physical and emotional wellbeing. All health therapists are registered with their professional bodies.

Swissphysio services

Services on offer include physiotherapy, sport physiotherapy and rehabilitation, rehabilitation and maintenance for amputees with and without prosthetic, pre & post natal treatments, different types of massages, reflexology, reiki, and yoga, and fall prevention classes.

We have Gift Vouchers available for all treatments and products.

Angela Petrocchi trained the physiotherapists of the British Olympic teams and the English and Scottish Football Premier League teams! She is an International Certified Kinesio Tex Taping instructor and teaches regular courses in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Angela speaks fluently English, Italian, German and French and has good Spanish knowledge.

Kinesio Tex Taping can be offered to support physiotherapy treatments. In 2008 Angela Petrocchi became a Certified Instructor for this system and teaches international and UK based courses.

Angela Petrocchi Kinesio Tape Instructor

Swissphysio is also a recognised MBT shoes stockist and medical trainer.

Also a variety of health and rehabilitation products can be purchased in our clinic.

Seminars and classes can be organised on our premises (see Space to rent).

Swissphysio is conveniently located at the Tynemouth metro station, within 20 minutes drive from Newcastle's city centre.

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