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Reach your peak performance with Swissphysio

Don't let niggles grow into pain and limit your aspirations. A back analysis at Swissphysio with the newest non-invasive SpinalMouse® technology will inform you about the condition of your back. Seeing your spine in 3D will help you understand where potential weak spots are. A tailored exercise program will then help you maintain a healthy back, improve your performance and prevent injuries.

Spinal check at Swissphysio

The use of a Spinal Mouse, a computer - assisted medical device, helps to determine the shape and mobility of the spine and to accurately measure the results and outcomes of any treatment or intervention.  It can provide indication for spinal dysfunctional posture or mobility

With no radiation or chemicals involved our therapists will measure the functional aspects of the spine in terms of shape, mobility and stability (postural competence). The results will be immediately discuss with you in a format that is easy to understand, like 3D pictures of your spine and spinal score tables. We will then link the measurements with an effective exercise and hands on plan.

Furthermore we will be able to compare the measurements of a previous scan or series with the current one and check on the effectiveness of the treatment.

Spinal check at Swissphysio