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Ladies, are you wearing the right bra?

With the summer in the air (more or less) comes the wish of exposing the skin to the sun and wearing lighter tops and with it a "lighter" bra.

Funnily enough this is the time when I see more women complaining of neck and upper back ache. Yes, wearing an ill-fitting bra can lead to back pain, poor posture, restricted breathing, rashes, and breast pain during exercise. more stress on the neck muscles and on the thoracic spine. Sounds familiar?

A high street department store in the UK, recently reported that according to their statistics, about 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra!

The size of your breasts is likely to change following pregnancy, when you start to breastfeed and when you stop. By weight gain or loss during your monthly cycle or as you lose or improve muscle tone and elasticity in your skin with gym routine or after illness.

It is advisable to be measured, every two years, preferably a week before your period.

Here are a few hot tips to gauge whether you are wearing the wrong size bra:

  • Spillage: Your breasts spill over the top of your bra, or at the sides of your bra
  • Wrinkling: The cups of your bra wrinkle
  • The back strap does not sit in a horizontal line to the front of your bra
  • The straps leave indent lines after you have removed your bra
  • You are able to pull the back strap more than 2-3cm away from your back whilst wearing your bra
  • Your straps fall off your shoulders
  • The centre support does not lay flat on your chest bone (sternum)

This simple exercise will take less than a minute. If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, chances are that you need to be fitted. Most lingerie shops will give you a free fitting. And remember that different shops and brands have different size references. So be sure to fit your new bra prior to purchasing.

Enjoy your summer.