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  • Spine measurement for posture, mobility and stability without radiation

Spine measurement for posture, mobility and stability without radiation

At Swissphysio we offer precise, reliable and quick spine measurement for posture, mobility and stability without radiation, for an accurate and understandable education of our patients to get better results.

Spinal check at Swissphysio

Opened in 2003 in Tynemouth Swissphysio enjoys a very good reputation as a provider of physiotherapy and health services to the people of the North Tyneside. As part of the NIHP Swissphysio also offers the high standard services in Newcastle and near Durham.

Our experienced senior physiotherapists combine a skilled hands on approach with the use of the latest technology and research.

The use of a SpinalMouse®, a computer-assisted medical device, helps to determine the shape and mobility of the spine and to accurately measure the results and outcomes of any treatment or intervention. It can provide indication for spinal dysfunctional posture or mobility.

Spinal check at Swissphysio

With no radiation or chemicals involved our therapists will measure the functional aspects of the spine in terms of shape, mobility and stability (postural competence). The results will be immediately discuss with the patient in a format that is easy to understand, like 3D pictures of their spine and spinal score tables. This usually raise the patient's cooperation, commitment and compliance for the treatment.

Furthermore the therapists will compare the measurements of a previous scan or series with the current one and check on the effectiveness of the treatment.

The SpinalMouse® uses an intelligent recursive algorithm to compute information from the superficial shape of the spine concerning the relative position of the vertebral bodies of the thoracic and lumber spine, while taking into account the local curvature (kyphotic or lordotic). The final result is an accurate segmental localisation of all vertebral bodies as projection of their midpoints on the superficial contour of the back.

This important information can be used by the therapist to formulate the best treatment for the patient and to accurately measure the results or outcomes of any treatment and intervention.